1. Evolution is Satanic (and/or religious) 

D.H. "prove it!"

Is it not established that the precepts of the first two laws of

thermodynamics promote conservation and decay whereas the evolutionary

thesis has growth and developement as it's standard? This is a

fundamental contradiction of supposed absolutes. Granted, temporary

negation of entropy can and does exist in an open envinon, as would

even be replicated in a testing situation, but such cannot sustain

itself for very long because it is not any evolved state of change; it

is subject to the influential impact of a `superior' source of


Man and his knowledges of the sciences and the various forms of cause

and effect could alter the existing state of the deteriorating galaxy

that our earth is in by tapping the energies, the altering substances,

of the universe if man had the capacity to manipulate, or control,

these universal elements. Still, this would only be a temporary

condition because this galaxy can be construed as an open environ if

it's supposed condition of `evolution' is supported by another galaxy,

or other states of the universe that are not a part of the galaxy.

Speculation of these prospects could go the length of the imaginings

based upon the premise that this manipulative power could be

harnesssed. Whether it could be attained to or not is not the issue.

The issue is that sacrifice would be the ultimate requirement of

another valued entity in the universe. The potential life state of

another region of the universe would have to be sacrificed for the

entropy effect of the one galaxy to be suppressed. Should this occur

it would not ultimately eliminate entropy. Decay would begin again at

the exhaustion of the energies provide by the sacrifical entity.

This thermodynamic condition is vividly expressed in the Bible as an

unalterable condition except for the intervention of a power that can

supersceed it. This same Bible that explains the facts of decay gives

the explanation for it's cause. Many would suggest `sin' as the cause

and be misled. Sin is more a condition of cause than it is the cause

itself. There was a time when the laws of thermodynamics were not an

active influence. Genesis 1:31 "God saw evrything that he had made,

and, behold, it was good". This `good' is reinterated at Revelation

21:4 for a "new heavens and new earth" which will have absolutely no

signs of sorrow, pain, crying, or death. This original earth began

"good" without the need to conserve energy; without decay. There was a

time when no aging process was in effect. And that same condition is

predicted to return again.

It was God who annouced all existance as "good" and who proclaimed

that to disobey in the one only command would result is death. God

cursed this earth, this universe by the disobediance of the first

human beings. Genesis 3:17-19 explains:

"Cursed is the ground [or earth] for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou

eat of it all the days of thy life; thorns also and thistles shall it

bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field; in the

sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the

ground; for out of it wast thou taken; for dust thou art and unto dust

shalt thou return".

The questions of why and how may come to mind regarding a curse. Of

the entire creation only one tree was restricted from the two humans.

There was not a thing special about that tree. It didn't bear any

special fruit or have any particularity exclusive to it. The only thing

notable was that it didn't belong to the people. It belonged only to

God. This one tree was the only signature of the creatorship authority

of God. God warned that to impugn on this authority would result in

absolute death. God did not stipulate that a rebellious attitude would

result in any disfellowship; only the suffering of death. Death was a

condition unheard of before. Even today we're hard pressed to explain

it, much less, suppress it. Howard Curtis has said: "Everyone realizes

that he will undergo adverse changes, with the passage of time, which

will eventually lead to death in one form or another, and accepts this

as inevitable. It is difficult to think of a biological process of more

interest to most adults, and yet through the years the explanations for

this phenomenon have mostly been couched in vague generalities. Even

today gerontologists cannot agree upon a definition of aging."01

As a matter of record, a totally alien influence came into play to

influence the discision. This influence was the epitomy of the

mastermind of knowledge, the Arch intelligence of the universe, the

master of one third the powers of all existance.

Few self-willed minds of the sciences have accepted life existing

without some shape, or substance, or form that isn't attached

materially. They are willing to accept that the substance of what is is

the result of the substances that were; and nothing more. To science,

it is that `spirit' is merely conjecture of the mind of man; their own

imaginings, the psychic, the psycho-. That, without the body and a

brain, without a mind and a soul, there is no spirit. The same

application is applied to `spirit' as is to the cause of all forms of

life; that substance subjected to action has caused its' own existance.

Under these basic concepts the prospect of living spirit without

form or material substance is handily rejected. Even the superstitious

concept about ghosts is based upon spirit left over after the death of

a material body. So, science has spirit like Santa Clause as only in

the minds of the believers; remove the belief and it's existance is no


The creationist's view comes from an entirely different perception.

Their pretence has that spirit is the most real method of existance.

That God is spirit and is life without end and has caused the existance

of all things. God is the author of all spirit beings. He created each

and every angel. He created all matter and life indwelt (constrained)

in the material. Here are the two kinds of life: first life of spirit

that is called angels and second life of material substance that

depends upon the well-being of the material to sustain its' existance.

The support for these beliefs are the entirety of the Bible writings

which supports the claims and gives proofs to the authority and power

of the God of creation. This God is claimed to be the only true God. He

is claimed to have no one or nothing else to be compared with. He is

claimed to be of three major characteristics: He is Omnipotent (not

limited in authority or power), He is Omniscient (knowing all things),

He is Omnipresence (quality of being everywhere present at the same

time). He is characterized as absolute righteousness.

This knowledge about God is, necessarily, a matter of faith to all

who are not God. Because there is no other entity having all these

attributes there can be no method to be fully aware of these claims as

true or false. Only in the deepest analysis of these claims can anyone

come to a basis of opinions. Because God claims these characteristics

to be his, both, exclusively and infinitely, we {who are not capable of

these characteristics} must accept everything on faith and through the

experience of validating this testimony come to an individual

realization about its' acceptance.

The premise of fundamental christianity, Judaism, and the creationist

principle is that only one God exists, is active deity, and is the

creative force of all other existances. The second perception has the

most intelligent forms of life being that of created angels; who are

spirit and observing of God's judgements and actions. Of the angels one

stands out as opposing to those precepts attributed to God's

creativity. It is told of this angel that he was amoungst the most

dynamic, becoming an Archangel in all capacities; in beauty, wisdom,

and powers. He is said to have desired to become equal to or greater

than the creator God. The Christian claim has him as the deceiver of


To speculate about this Archangel there are two prospects of views to

entertain. To prepare ourselves to an understanding we must accept, by

faith, the consensus that God has the greatest knowledge and

understanding of this Archangel and the angel has the greatest wealth

of experiences in the awareness of God. We, as limited in knowledge and

wisdom, can only formulate ideas based on an analysis of the

perspectives. We can only weigh in the balances our inclination to

accept the testimony of one more than the other.

The first indication of this conflict is expressed in Genesis 3:4

where the Archangel pronounces in response to the testimony "Ye shall

not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die" that "Ye shall

not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then

your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good from

evil". This is the most explicite statement of contradiction against

God's supposed, all-knowing, all-honest, testimony. It renders the view

that God is not to be trusted in the words he says or the truths he


If this Archangel declares God to be a deceiver of truth, two

possibilities are evident: either the angel truly believes God is

capable of deception and willing to use deceptive practices or he knows

God's attributes place His character beyound reproach so that any

action of deception must be the angel's exclusive weapon of combat. If

it is accepted that God has deceived truth to the created man and

woman, it must be accepted that God has also been capable of the same

deception to created angels. Now that the prospect of God telling lies

has been considered it can, further, be accepted as possible that God

is not even the creator he claims to be; that God might only be God

because of the condition of circumstances that allowed him to enter

into that position. Once this speculation is entertained the

credibility of the attributes claimed to God, exclusively, becomes


The Archangel has himself in a dilemma of belief in God. Even though

he has the greatest amount of experience about God he doesn't have full

knowledge and awareness. The angel doesn't know, except by faith, that

God never came into existance, or had a beginning. He only knows what

God has told him: that God is everything he claims, that God created

everything else that is [whether living or not], that there is only the

one God and there can never be another God.

Disbelief causes many possibilities of speculation inwhich Evolution

is the foremost. Evolution states that matter has always been; that

motion of matter has caused the generation of the life entity; that all

things living have the inclination towards improving it's own


Even though the angel has had every opportunity to witness the

creative capability of God he has not the realization, without faith,

that he, himself, was created by God. This strikes against the very

doctines of creationism, supported by Scripture. It expostulates that

God has a hidden motive for concealing from the Archangel the true

source of his existance. Quite possibly, accepting the furtherance of

this train of thought, both God and the angel came out of the same

source; God evolved as did the angel; But, only God knows the truth. If

it is possible that God evolved into the greatest power, it becomes

possible that the angel could evolve greater than God by abdicating the

characteristics that are Gods.

The two basic possibilities are expressed. The Archangel, Lucifer,

confronted the issue: God had said he is the only non-created entity

and has created all life. To accept this in faith would be pleasing to

God (Ezekeil 28:13,15). But there must have come a time when wonder

questions if this is really so. The only evidence remains God's word.

If this were not true, Lucifer could accept being locked into a secondary

role of government. If true, he is the most magnificient of creatures;

second only to God. Lucifer chose the path of rejection, of rebellion,

contrary to the words of God.

In such, rational must promote the notion that both he and God and

all other beings had come into existance in similar fasion; of

essentially the same order. God was not really God. His order only

preceeded the others and power of control was claimed. There is no

creator at all. Everything must have come about by a process of natural

growth, of developement, of evolution.

Evolution has become the rational of Lucifer. He will stand by it's

precepts to the end. He has taken this philosophy to all the angels and

won over one third (Psalms 14:1; 53:1). When God created Adam and Eve,

all the host of angels saw. For Lucifer and his followers it was not

understood as a creative act. It was the taking of elements already in

existance and formulating them into the life substance; an example of

evolution being manipulated. If God has the knowledge to generate life

from substances then others can gain this skill and replicate new life.

Lucifer, the second intellect, could learn these skills and do as well

or better than God (Isaiah 14:13-14).

Adam and Eve, the only parents of all of humanity [no other humans

were created], bought into the philosophy of evolution. They believed

the serpent's suggestion that God's Word was not to be trusted. That

God was deceiving them just as He had deceived all intelligent life.

Lucifer, the rejector of God, becoming Satan, has offered the desire

for knowledge [science] as the reward for rejecting God's Word. "Ye

shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof,

then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good

from evil".

"This must be the original source of the theory of evolution. This is

the only possible explanation of origins apart from God. Some kind of

process of evolution will, therefore, be found at the core of every

religion or philosophy of man, apart from the Word of God, as revealed

in the Holy Scriptures and in the Living Word, Jesus Christ."02

01"Biological Mechanisms Underlying the Aging Process," Science, V. 141,

02"The Twilight of Evolution," Henry M. Morris, June 1986, p.81

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