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In order to provide a useful reference source, I feel some obligation to provide worthwhile reference material. However, I am not able to read and evaluate all contributions to the WWSB. Therefore I would like to restrict contributions to works that are more or less classic, or at least published, and ask that you not submit your own writings. There may in some cases be exceptions for large amounts of high-quality material. You may wish to ask me whether I'm interested in the material before you create the links file.

Adding Several Links

The easiest way to add several links to the World Wide Study Bible is to make a file with the necessary information and mail it to me or upload it to . You can make the file with a text editor, or enter the information into a spreadsheet and export.

The file should have one line for every link to be added. Each line has 10 fields, separated by the | (vertical bar) character. The fields contain the following information:

[Title] [Type] [URL] [Source] [SourceURL] [Book] [Chapter] [FV] [TV] [email] [public domain?]

The title is the name of the link to the resource. The Type is one of About, Scripture, Commentaries, Sermons, Sermon Outlines, Meditations, Studies, etc. If necessary you can create a new Type. The URL is the reference for the resource. (If you are uploading a file, give the name of the file here.)

The Source appears after the title, and it should say something about where the link comes from, e.g. the author's name. You can optionally have a SourceURL, so that clicking the Source will give more information. (If there is no Source URL, then there would be two | characters between Source and Book.)

The Book is the Bible book; the Chapter is zero if the reference is to a whole book. FV is the "from verse" and TV is the "to verse". TV is zero if the reference is to a single verse; FV is also zero if the reference is to a whole chapter.

The Email field contains the email address of the contact person for this reference -- should the link go bad, etc. This email address will not appear on the web page at all. The Public Domain field contains the letter "y" or "n", depending on whether the item is in the public domain. I am hesitant to add links to items that are not in the public domain.

For example, a reference to a meditation on Romans 8:1-28 might be

A reference to Romans 8:28 alone might be A reference to all of Romans 8 might be

You should also send me an email message saying what you have uploaded and stating either that the items are public domain or freely accessible.

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