1 GRACIOUS Redeemer, shake
This slumber from my soul!
Say to me now, "Awake, awake!
And Christ shall make thee whole."
Lay to thy mighty hand!
Alarm me in this hour,
And make me fully understand
The thunder of thy power.

2 Give me on thee to call,
Always to watch and pray,
Lest I into temptation fall,
And cast my shield away;
For each assault prepared
And ready may I be,
For ever standing on my guard,
And looking up to thee.

3 O do thou always warn
My soul of evil near!
When to the right or left I turn,
Thy voice still let me hear;
"Come back! this is the way,
Come back, and walk herein!"
O may I hearken and obey,
And shun the paths of sin!

4 Thou seest my feebleness;
Jesus, be thou my power,
My help and refuge in distress,
My fortress and my tower;
Give me to trust in thee.
Be thou my sure abode,
My horn, and rock, and buckler be,
My Saviour, and my God.

5 Myself I cannot save,
Myself I cannot keep,
But strength in thee I surely have,
Whose eyelids never sleep;
My soul to thee alone
Now therefore I commend;
Thou, Jesus, love me as thy own,
And love me to the end.

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