1 EQUIP me for the war,
And teach my hands to fight,
My simple, upright heart prepare,
And guide my words aright;
Control my every thought,
My whole of sin remove;
Let all my works in thee be wrought,
Let all be wrought in love.

2 O arm me with the mind,
Meek Lamb! which was in thee,
And let my knowing zeal be joined
With perfect charity;
With calm and tempered zeal
Let me enforce thy call,
And vindicate thy gracious will
Which offers life to all.

3 O do not let me trust
In any arm but thine!
Humble, O humble to the dust
This stubborn soul of mine
A feeble thing of nought,
With lowly shame I own,
The help which upon earth is wrought,
Thou dost it all alone.

4 O may I love like thee!
In all thy footsteps tread,
Thou hatest all iniquity,
But nothing thou hast made.
O may I learn the art
With meekness to reprove;
To hate the sin with all my heart,
But still the sinner love.

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