Jer 36:1
36:1 And it came to pass in the fourth {a} year of Jehoiakim the
     son of Josiah king of Judah, [that] this word came to
     Jeremiah from the LORD, saying,

     (a) \\Read Geneva "Jer 25:1"\\

Jer 36:2
36:2 Take thee a scroll of a book, and write in it all the words
     that I have spoken to thee against Israel, and against
     Judah, and against all the nations, from the day I spoke to
     thee, {b} from the days of Josiah, even to this day.

     (b) Which were twenty and three years, as in @Jer 25:3
         counting from the thirteenth year of Josiah's reign.

Jer 36:4
36:4 Then Jeremiah called Baruch the son of Neriah: and Baruch
     wrote {c} from the mouth of Jeremiah all the words of the
     LORD, which he had spoken to him, upon a roll of a book.

     (c) As he indicted.

Jer 36:5
36:5 And Jeremiah commanded Baruch, saying, I [am] {d} shut up;
     I cannot go into the house of the LORD:

     (d) Meaning, in prison through the malice of the priests.

Jer 36:6
36:6 Therefore go thou, and read in the scroll, which thou hast
     written from my mouth, the words of the LORD in the ears of
     the people in the LORD'S house upon the {e} day of fasting:
     and also thou shalt read them in the ears of all Judah that
     come out of their cities.

     (e) Which was proclaimed for fear of the Babylonians, as
         their custom was when they feared war, or any great
         plague of God.

Jer 36:7
36:7 It may be they will {f} present their supplication before
     the LORD, and will return every one from his evil way: for
     great [is] the anger and the fury that the LORD hath
     pronounced against this people.

     (f) He shows that fasting without prayer and repentance
         does nothing but is mere hypocrisy.

Jer 36:9
36:9 And it came to pass in the fifth {g} year of Jehoiakim the
     son of Josiah king of Judah, in the ninth month, [that]
     they proclaimed a fast before the LORD to all the people in
     Jerusalem, and to all the people that came from the cities
     of Judah to Jerusalem.

     (g) The fast was then proclaimed and Baruch read this rule
         which was a little before Jerusalem was first taken,
         and then Jehoiakim and Daniel and his companions were
         led away captive.

Jer 36:10
36:10 Then Baruch read in the book the words of Jeremiah in the
      house of the LORD, in the chamber of Gemariah the son of
      Shaphan the scribe, in the higher court, at the entrance
      of the {h} new gate of the LORD'S house, in the ears of
      all the people.

      (h) Which is the East gate of the temple.

Jer 36:16
36:16 Now it came to pass, when they had heard all the words,
      they were {i} afraid both one and another, and said to
      Baruch, We will surely tell the king of all these words.

      (i) The godly were afraid, seeing God so offended, and the
          wicked were astonished for the horror of the

Jer 36:19
36:19 Then said the princes to Baruch, Go, {k} hide thyself,
      thou and Jeremiah; and let no man know where ye are.

      (k) They who were godly among the princes gave this
          counsel by whose means it is like that Jeremiah was
          delivered for they knew the rage of the king and of
          the wicked to be such that they could not escape
          without danger of their lives.

Jer 36:22
36:22 Now the king sat in the winterhouse in the {l} ninth
      month: and [there was a fire] on the hearth burning before

      (l) Which contained part of November and part of December.

Jer 36:24
36:24 Yet they were not afraid, nor tore {m} their garments,
      [neither] the king, nor any of his servants that heard all
      these words.

      (m) Showing that the wicked instead of repenting when they
          hear God's judgments, grow into further malice against
          him and his word.

Jer 36:26
36:26 But the king commanded Jerahmeel the son of Hammelech, and
      Seraiah the son of Azriel, and Shelemiah the son of
      Abdeel, to take Baruch the scribe and Jeremiah the
      prophet: but the LORD {n} hid them.

      (n) Thus we see the continual care that God has over his
          to preserve them from the rage of the wicked.

Jer 36:28
36:28 Take thee again {o} another scroll, and write in it all
      the former words that were in the first scroll, which
      Jehoiakim king of Judah hath burned.

      (o) Though the wicked think to have abolished the word of
          God when they have burnt the book of it, yet this
          declares that God will not only raise it up again but
          also increase it in greater abundance to their
          condemnation as in @Jer 36:32.

Jer 36:29
36:29 And thou shalt say to Jehoiakim king of Judah, Thus saith
      the LORD; Thou hast burned this scroll, saying, {p} Why
      hast thou written in it, saying, The king of Babylon shall
      certainly come and destroy this land, and shall cause to
      cease from there man and beast?

      (p) These are Jehoiakim's words.

Jer 36:30
36:30 Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning Jehoiakim king of
      Judah; He shall have {q} none to sit upon the throne of
      David: and his {r} dead body shall be cast out in the day
      to the heat, and in the night to the frost.

      (q) Though Jehoiachin his son succeeded him, yet because
          he reigned but three months, it was esteemed as no
      (r) \\Read Geneva "Jer 22:19"\\

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