1Ki 5:4
5:4 But now the LORD my God hath given me {a} rest on every
    side, [so that there is] neither adversary nor evil

    (a) He declares that he was bound to set forth God's glory
        for as much as the Lord had sent him rest and peace.

1Ki 5:6
5:6 Now therefore command thou that they hew me cedar trees out
    of Lebanon; and my servants shall be with thy servants: and
    unto thee will I give {b} hire for thy servants according to
    all that thou shalt appoint: for thou knowest that [there
    is] not among us any that can skill to hew timber like unto
    the Sidonians.

    (b) This was his equity, that he would not receive a benefit
        without some recompence.

1Ki 5:7
5:7 And it came to pass, when {c} Hiram heard the words of
    Solomon, that he rejoiced greatly, and said, Blessed [be]
    the LORD this day, which hath given unto David a wise son
    over this great people.

    (c) In Hiram is prefigured the calling of the Gentiles who
        would help build the spiritual temple.

1Ki 5:9
5:9 My servants shall bring [them] down from Lebanon unto the
    sea: and I will convey them by sea in floats unto the place
    that thou shalt appoint me, and will cause them to be
    discharged there, and thou shalt receive [them]: and thou
    shalt accomplish my desire, in giving food for {d} my

    (d) While my servants are occupied with your business.

1Ki 5:12
5:12 And the LORD gave Solomon wisdom, as he promised him: and
     there was peace between Hiram and Solomon; and they {e} two
     made a league together.

     (e) Concerning the furniture of wood.

1Ki 5:18
5:18 And Solomon's builders and Hiram's {f} builders did hew
     [them], and the stonesquarers: so they prepared timber and
     stones to build the house.

     (f) The Hebrew word is Giblim, which some say were
         excellent masons.

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