2 "Ad sepulchrum Cypriani martyris adorare."

3 This was probably the Syrtis Minor, a dangerous sandbank in the sea on the northern coast of Africa; it is now known as the Gulf of Cabes. The Syrtis Major lay farther to the east, and now bears the name of the Gulf of Sidra.

4 "Aedificia Numidarum agrestium, quae mapalia illi vocant, oblonga, incurvis lateribus tecta, quasi navium carinae sunt."-Sall. Fug. XVIII. 8.

5 The hut was perhaps built on piles rising slightly above the ground.

6 The term Africa here used in its more restricted sense to denote the territory of Carthage.

7 This took place in the spring of the year B.C.. 47.

8 "maris mollitie."

9 "Prandium sane locupletissimum": of course there is a friendly irony in the words.

10 "non instrui, sed potius destrui."

11 "in nulla consistere sede sinerentur."

12 "mansionibus."

13 Otherwise, "Hieronymus."

14 "scholasticus."

15 "propositam eremum."

16 It appears impossible to give a certain rendering of these words-"quo videtur abductus."

17 "vel sine faenore."

18 Hornius strangely remarks on this, "Frequens id in Africa. Quin et ferrum nimio solis ardore mollescere scribunt qui interiorem Libyam perlustrarunt."

19 "sub nocte.": this may be used for the usual classical form "sub noctem," towards evening.

20 "Fides Christi adest": lit. "the faith of Christ is present."

21 Also spelt "anchoret": it means "one who has retired from the world" (a0naxwre/w).

22 "monasterium magnae dispositionis."

23 "virtute," perhaps power, as in many other places.

24 The word Gaul here must be taken in its more limited sense as denoting only the country of the Celtae. See the well-known first sentence of Caesar's Gallic War.

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