11 "jamque ad medium machinae processerant."

12 Our author here touches upon a most interesting question-the ultimate destiny of the ten tribes. He seems to imply that none of them returned to Palestine, but were wholly absorbed among the Gentile nations. That, however, cannot be correct, for it was still possible, in the time of Christ, to speak of some as connected with the tribe of Asher, one of the ten tribes. See Luke ii, 36.

13 "patruele patre": words which have much perplexed the editors.

14 "poenam crucis": after the Greek.

15 The text here is uncertain.

16 "historia divina": the writer applies these words to the book of Judith.

17 They did not themselves, for a time, assume the name of king, but, as said above, professed to rule under the authority of king Arridaeus, brother of Alexander.

18 Some add the words, "or of Lysimachus," but this appears to have been a gloss.

19 The text is here in utter confusion; we have followed that suggested by Vorstius.

20 Some words have here been lost, but the critics are not agreed as to what should be supplied.

21 As Vorstius suggests, we have here taken Jonathan as a nominative, but the passage is very obscure.

22 "Introsum," towards home; another reading is "ultrorsum," farther onwards.

23 "vincendi": others read "incendii."

24 "virtutibus."

25 Generally spoken of as Simon Magus.

26 "humanis rebus eximitur."

27 Rev. xiii. 3.

28 How so? Because, according to Drusius, the Christian Jews were thus first taught to cast off the yoke of the law, which they had observed up to this time.

29 These were half-Jews and half-Christians, and were known at a later date under the name of Nazarites. They made use of what was called the Gospel according to the Hebrews.

30 "decem plagis."

31 "basilicas": edifices, which, in size and grandeur, had some resemblance to a royal palace.

32 "admota militari manu atque omnium provincialium multitudine in studia reginae certantium."

33 "funus excussum": a singular expression.

34 "ambitu": apparently used here with the meaning which sometimes belongs to "ambitione."

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