28 A native of Samothrace who died at Cyprus b.c. 157. He was tutor to the children of Ptolemy Philometor, and was renowned as a rhetorician and a critic.

29 Horace Ep. ii, 1, 114-7.

30 1 Cor. ii, 4. "Not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power." Rev. Ver.

31 Jerome often accuses Rufinus of self-indulgence. See esp. Letter cxxv, c. 18.

32 Wisd. of Sol. i, 4, Wisd. of Sol. i, 5.

33 Eruditionis.

34 A tribe of Thrace; probably troupes of them came to exhibit in Rome.

35 p. 389.

36 Condimentum, or seasoning.

37 Eph. iv, 25.

38 Pro Dispensatione. The word Economy is used in modern discussions on this subject in the sense of dispensing truth partially to those not wholly fit for its full disclosure.

39 To the elements of nature, or the idols.

40 Job xxxi, 26, Job xxxi, 28.

41 Eph. i, 4.

42 Ps. cxx, 5.

43 Rom. vii, 24.

44 Phil. i, 23.

45 Ps. cxix, 67.

46 Eph. i, 20, Eph i, 21.

47 Eph. ii, 7.

48 Jerome Letter 84.

49 Luke xvi, 8.

50 Gen. iii, 1.

51 Eph. iv, 16.

52 Eph. v, 28, Eph v, 29.

53 Matt. xxiii, 37.

54 Matt. xxii.

55 Gal. iii, 27, Gal. iii, 28.

56 A rival of to whom Jerome often Terence, to whom Jerome often compares Rufinus.

57 Asinius Pollio was a rival of Cicero. It seems that some detractor of Jerome boasted that he was of the race of the Cornelii. See Comm. on Jonah iv, 6. "A certain Cantherius, of the most ancient race of the Cornelii, or, as he boasts, of the stock of Asinius Pollio, is said to have accused me at Rome long ago for havin translated `ivy 0' instead of `gourd. 0'"

58 Per oratorem Magnum non magnam moverat quaestionem.

59 Jerome, Letter LXX, c. 6. "Perhaps the question (as to Christians reading heathen books) is suggested by one who, for his love of Sallust, might go by the name of Calpurnius Lanarius."

60 Virg. Geor. ii, 272.

61 The name of a pedagogue recorded by Horace (Ep. ii, 1, 71), which passed into a general name for boys' tutors.

62 The "Heap-argument," in which a number of separate arguments converge on the same point.

63 "The Liar," another logical puzzle.

64 Nazianzen. See Prolegomena.

65 Stoic philosopher of Assus in Lydia b.c. 300-240.

66 Of Cilicia; disciple of Cleanthes, b.c. 280-208.

67 Born at Ephesus b.c. 503. His philosophy was tingedwith melancholy, and his style obscure.

68 I. Cor. vi, 9.

69 Revilers. Rev. Ver.

70 Gal. v, 15.

71 Ps. cxli, 3, Ps. cxli, 4.

72 Ps. xxxix, 1, Ps. xxxix, 2.

73 Ps. xxxviii, 14.

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