107 cf. Gieseler i. 209, who refers to Münter in Staüdlins Archiv. für Kirchengesch. i. 1. 13.

108 vi., 3.

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111 ermhneia.

112 In Ps. Ed. Migne 604, 605.

113 cf. I. Chron. vi. 44., xv. 17, 19, and Art. Jeduthun in Dict. Bib.

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115 cf. note on page 327.

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120 Ps. cxlvii. 11.


122 Psalm cxliii. 2.

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125 "Unquestionably the right view of this controverted passage is that of the Greek Fathers, Chrysostom, Theophylact, Theodoret, and others. In reading their comments it is quite clear that they found no more difficulty in St. Paul's elliptical use of the Greek uper than we do in Shakesperere's use of the English `for. 0' They did not hesitate in their homilies to expound that the phrase `or the dead 0' meant `with an interest in the resurrection of the dead, 0' or that `for 0' by itself meant even so much as `in expectation of the resurrection. 0' Speaker's Commentary, iii. 373.

126 Chap. xxi. n.

127 Ceillier (x. 42) repeats the charge of distinct errors in chronology in (a) the statement that Arius died in 325 instead of in 336; (b) the extension of the exile of Athanasius by four months; (c) the election of Ambrose at the beginning of the reign of Valentinian, instead of ten years later; (d) the troubles at Antioch placed after instead of before those at Thessalonica; (e) the siege of Nisibis in 350 confounded with that of 359. As to (a) the truth is that Theodoret is guilty rather of vagueness than of a misstatement. (Vide I. capp. xiii, xiv.) The objection to (b) the two years and four months exile of Athanasius is due to Valerius (obs. Ecc. i). Canon Bright (Dict. Christ. Biog. i. 187) agrees with Theodoret (cf. Newman Hist. Tracts xii and Hefele, Conciliengesch. i. 467.) In (c) Theodoret is vague, in (d) wrong. According to Valerius Volagesus, and not Jacobus, was bishop of Nisibis in 350.

128 thj ekklhsiastikhj istoriaj ta paraleipomena.

129 Valesii annotationes-Theod: Migne III. 1522. Valesius is the Latinized form of Henri de Valois, French historiographer royal, who edited Ammianus Marcellinus and the Greek Ecclesiastical historians. He died in 1692.

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132 "Baronius obviously approves of Gregory's remark about Theodoret's lies, that is his errors in the order of events, and out of Book iv. produces no less than fifteen blunders, to say nothing of those in iii and v." Garner. loc. cit. 280, 281.

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140 "On y voit toute la beaute du gènie de Theodoret; du choix dans les pensées, de la noblesse dans les expressions, de l'elegance et de la nettete dans le style, de la suite et de la force dans les raisonnements." Ceillier x. 88 (Remi Ceillier _1761. His "Histoire Générale des auteurs sacrés" was published in Paris 1729-1763.)

141 Ep. lxxxiii.

142 cf. Ecclus. xxxix. 27.

143 Satorneiloj or Satorniloj in Hippolytus, Epiphanius, and Theodoret; but Satorninoj (Saturninus) in Irenaeus and Eusebius.

144 A Galatian sect. Jerome has "Ascodrobi," Epiphanius (Haer. 416) identifies "Tascodrugitae," with Cataphrygians or Montanists, and says they were so called from the habit of putting their finger to their nose when praying.

145 In Epiphanius (i. 85, B) Barbelitae. Barbelo was a mythologic personage; - The sect gnostic.

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148 emyuxon.

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