99 See the Creed as published by the Council. p. 50.

100 The quotation is not quite exact, "'Euxaristiaj kai prosforaj ouk apodexontai" being substituted for euxaristiaj kai proseuxhj apexontai. Bp. Lightfoot (Ap. Fath. II. ii. 307) notes, "the argument is much the same as Tertullian's against the Docetism of Marcion (adv. Marc. iv. 40), `Acceptum panem et distributum discipulis corpus suum illum fecit. Hoc est corpus meum dicendo, id est figura mei corporis. Figura autem non fuisset, nisi veritatis esset corpus, ceterum vacua res quod est phantasma, figuram capere non posset. 0' The Eucharist implies the reality of Christ's flesh. To those who deny this reality it has no meaning at all; to them Christ's words of institution are false; it is in no sense the flesh of Christ." Cf. Iren. iv. 18, 5.

101 I. Cor. xv. 12.

102 I. Cor. xv. 21.

103 Rom. xiv. 15.

104 Ephes. ii. 13. Observe slight differences.

105 Gal. iii. 13 and Deut. xxi. 23.

106 I. Cor. xv. 20.

107 Coloss. i. 18.

108 cf. Luke xxiv. 39. And for the application of these words to St. Thomas cf. page 210.

109 The effusion of water and blood is now well known to have been a natural consequence of the "broken heart." On the rupture of the heart the blood fills the pericardium, and then coagulates. The wound of the lance gave passage to the collected blood and serum. cf. Dr. Stroud's "Physical Cause of the Death of Christ," first published in 1847.

110 Prov. viii. 22, lxx.

111 i.e. literally, try not to lay hold of me.

112 John xx. 17.

113 Acts ii. 36.

114 John x. 18.

115 Rom. ix. 5.

116 Isaiah liii. 2, Isaiah liii. 3. Sept.

117 Isaiah liii. 3. Sept.

118 The quotation seems to be a confusion between Acts ii. 24, and Acts xiii. 29. Sic in Athan. Ed. Migne. II. 1030.

119 John iii. 19.

120 But "after his resurrection" appears to qualify the statement "arose" as well as "appeared" in Matt. xxviii. 53.

121 Hebrews iv. 12.

122 Malachi iii. 6.

123 John x. 18.

124 Acts xiii. 30.

125 John ii. 19 and John ii. 21.

126 John v. 26.

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