200 sarkwsij kenwsij. cf. Phil. ii. 7.

201 Matt. x. 24.

1 futikoj, of or belonging to futon, or plant; but though futon is opposed to cwon, it is also used of any creature, and here seems to mean no more than the soul of physical life, and nothing beyond.

2 cf. p. 132.

3 Gen. ii. 7.

4 Matt. x. 28. of. Luke xii. 4. Luke xii. 5.

5 Gen. xlvi. 20, lxx. In the Hebrew the number is but seventy, including Jacob himself. St. Stephen, as was natural in a Hellonized Jew follows the lxx. (Acts vii. 14.) For the number 75 there were doubtless important traditional authorities known to the lxx.

6 Acts xx. 10.

7 This "lost" must be qualified. The Scriptural doctrine is that the "image of God" though defaced and marred, is not lost or destroyed. After the flood the "image of God" is still quoted as against murder Gen. ix. 6. St. James urges it as a reason against cursing (iv. 9). cf. I. Cor. xi. 7. So the IXth Article declares original sin to be, not the nature, which is good, but the "fault and corruption of the nature of every man;" in short the "image of God," like the figts of God, as David in Browning's "Saul" has it, "a man may waste, desecrate, never quite lose." cf. p. 164 and note.

8 Matt. i. 21.

9 Luke ii. 11. tiktetai is substitued for etexqh, in addition to the omission of "a Saviour which is." In this verse the mss. do not vary.

10 John i. 1.

11 John i. 3.

12 John i. 4.

13 Gen. vi. 3, lxx. and Marg. in R. V.

14 Gal. i. 15-17.

15 Ps. lxv. 2.

16 Is. xl. 5.

17 Ez. xviii. 4 and Ez. xviii. 20.

18 Lev. v. 1.

19 The reference seeing to be a loose combination of Numbers ix. 13. with Deut. xviii. 19.

20 Vide note on page 36.

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