51 John xix. 34.

52 John xii. 23.

53 John xii. 24.

54 This passage and a parallel passage from Dial. II. were quoted with force in the discussions of the English Reformation. Bp. Ridley on the foregoing writes (A Brief Declaration of the Lord's Supper, Parker Soc. Ed. p. 35.) "What can be more plainly said than this that this old writer saith? That although the Sacraments bear the name of the body and blood of Christ, yet is not their nature changed, but abideth still. And where is then the Papists' transubstantiation?"

55 Gen. xlix. 2.

56 Matt. xxvi. 28.

57 John vi. 51.

58 Aristotle (Oec: 1. 6. 1.) uses the proverb as we say in English "to draw water in a sieve."

59 Heb. ii. 16.

60 Gen. ii. 18.

61 Heb. vii. 14.

62 Heb. v. 1. Heb. viii. 3.

63 Heb. x. 5.

64 Matt. i. 20. The rendering of gennhqen by "conceived" in the A. V. somewhat obscures the argument of Theodoret. The R. V. has "begotten" in the margin.

65 Ps. xl. 7. Septuagint. The difficulty how to account for the rendering of wlhyrb Mmk)

i.e. "My ear hast thou dug" by "swma kathrtisw" is an old one. Did HQELHSASWTIADEKATHRTISW get altered by mistake into HQELHSASSWMADEKATHRTISW? "How the word swma came into the lxx. we cannot say; but being there it is now sanctioned for us by the citation here; not as the, or even a proper rendering of the Hebrew, but as a prophetic utterance." Alford ad loc.

66 I have no hesitation in translating alla here by "save," in spite of the purist prejudice which has led even the revisers of 1881 to retain something of the awkward periphrasis by which the meaning of Matt. xx. 23 and Mark x. 40. is confused in A. V., and an Arian sense given to our Lord's declaration, "To sit on my right hand and my left is not mine to give save to them for whom it is prepared." i.e. It is His to give, but not to give arbitrarily or of caprice. Liddell and Scott, Ed. 1883, recognise and illustrate this use of alla (Vide s. v. I. 3.) which in classical Greek is vindicated by such a passage as Soph. O. T. 1331. epaise d' autoxeir nin outij all' egw, and in N. T. Greek, as well as by the crucial passage in question, in Mark ix. 8. ouketi oudena eidon alla ton Ihsoun monon, "They no longer saw any one save Jesus only."

67 Ps. lxxxix. 1, 2.

68 Ps. lxxxix. 3.

69 Ps. lxxxix. 3.

70 Ps. lxxxix. 4.

71 I. Cor. vi. 10.

72 Gal. iii. 1.

73 2. Tim. iii. 8.

74 Phil. iii. 19.

75 Ps. lxxxix. 4.


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