18 Gal. iii. 16. There is here an omission of the four words "kai tw spermati sou." Of the difficulty of the passage a full discussion will be found in Bishop Lightfoot's "Galatians" - page 141.

19 Gen. xlix. 10. Here the text follows the Alexandrine Septuagint substituting ewj an elqh w apokeitai for ewj an elqh ta apokeimena autw.

The Vulgate runs "Non auferetur sceptrum de Iuda, et dux de femore eius, donec veniat qui mittendus est et ipse erit expectatio gentium."

20 Hebrews ii. 16.

21 Hebrews vii. 14.

22 Micah v. 2.

23 Matthew ii. 5, Matthew ii. 6.

24 Matthew ii. 6

25 Micah v. 2.

26 Romans ix. 5.

27 Baruch, iii, 35, 37.

"The ascription of the prophecy of Baruch to Jeremiah may be explained by the fact that in the lxx. Baruch was placed either before or after Lamentations, and was regarded in the early church as an appendix to, and of equal authority with, Jeremiah. It is so quoted by Irenaeus, Clemens Alexandrinus, and Tertullian."

Augustine de Civ. xviii, 33. quotes Baruch iii, 16. with the remark "Hoc testimonium quidem non Hieremoe sed Scriboe eius attribuunt qui vocabatur Baruch, sed Hieremioe celebratius habetur."

28 I. Tim. i. 17.

29 I. Tim. vi. 16.

30 Baruch iii. 38.

31 I. Tim. i. 17.

32 I. Tim. vi. 16.

33 Heb. ii. 16.

34 I. Tim. iii. 16. Theodoretus shews no knowledge of the reading for in this famous passage accepted by our revisers with the marginal comment "The word God in place of He who rests on no sufficient ancient evidence." Macedonius II, patriarch of Constantinople, is said to have been accused by his enemy the Emperor Anastasius of falsifying this particular passage. But if Theodoretus, who died c. 458, really wrote copies of the Epistles containing this reading must have existed some half century before the dispute between Macedonius and Anastasius. Gregory of Nyssa also uses the passage as does Theodoretus; Greg. Nyss. cont. Eun. iv. i. The accepted opinion now regards the Codex of Alexandrianus as reading oj.

35 Matt. xviii. 10. Observe the omission of the words "In heaven," which A. V. inserts with )

36 John vi. 46.

37 John i. 18.

38 Exodus xxxiii. 20.

39 Genesis xviii. i. Sept.

40 Isaiah vi. i.

41 Exodus xxxiii. 11.

42 Numbers xii. 8.

43 Hosea xii. 10. Sept. A. V. has "used similitudes."

44 Matthew xviii. 10.

45 I. Tim. iii. 16.

46 Hebrews x. 19-22. In iii. 607. ed. Migne this passage is quoted by Theodoret as in A. V.

47 Gen. xlix. 10. Compare note on p. 6.

48 Gen. xlix. 11.

49 mustikwteron.

50 John xv. 1.

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