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An Almanacke for xxxix. yeeres.

To Finde Easter for euer.

iApril ix.xxixiiviviiviij
iiMarch xxvi.xxvii.xviiixxixxxxxxxiApril 1.
iiiApril xvi.xviixviiixixxxxiiiixv
iiiiApril ix.iiiiiiivviviiviij
vMarch xxvi.xxviixxviiixxixxxiiixxiiiixxv
viApril xvi.xviixixiixiiixiiiixv
viiApril ii.iiiiiiivviMar. 31.April 1.
viiiApril xxiii.xxiiiixxvxixxxxxixxij
ixApril ix.xxixiixiiixiiijviij
xApril ii.iiiMar. 28.xxixxxxxxxjApril 1.
xiApril xvi.xviixviiixixxxxxixxij
xijApril ix.xxivvivijviij
xiiiMarch xxvixxviixxviiixxixxxxxxxjxxv
xiiiiApril xvi.xviixviiixixxiiixiiijxv
xvApril ii.iiiiiiivvivijviij
xviMarch xxvi.xxviixxviiixxiixxiiixxiiijxxv
xvijApril xvi.xxixiixiiixiiijxv
xviijApril ii.iiiiiiivMar. 30.xxxjApril 1.
xixApril xxiii.xxiiiixviiixixxxxxixxij

WHen ye haue found the Sunday letter in the uppermost line, guide your eye downeward from the same, till yee come right ouer against the Prime, and there is shewed both what Moneth, and what day of the Moneth Easter falleth that yeere.
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