"Doubts About the Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution by Frank


"Now we know that the cell itself is far more complex than we had imagined.

It includes thousands of functioning enzmes, each one of them a complex

machine itself.

Furthermore, each enzyme comes into being in response to a

gene, a strand of DNA. The infromation content of the gene ( its

complexity) must be as great as that of the enzyme it controls."

"A medium protein might include about 300 amino acids. The DNA gene

controlling this would have about 1,000 nucleotides in its chain. Since

there are four kinds of nucleotides in a DNA chain, one consisting of

1000 links could exist in 4^1000 different forms. Using a little algebra we

can see that 4^1000=10^600. Ten mutiplied by itself 600 times gives

thefigure 1 followed by 600 zeros!!!!This number is completely beyond our


Evolutionist are promulgating the biggest hoax in history.