Creationism vs. Evolutionism

By Dr. S.H. Tow

God's Word (revelation)

In the beginning GOD

God created everything out of nothing

Life came from God (John 1:4)

Creation was supernatural, once for all, in the past

God's creation was sudden

God's finished creation was originaily "very good," perfect. Then it

fell into chaos

All species of life reproduce "after their kind"

Creationism is founded on faith in God's word

organized itst.

"Science" Fiction


In the beginning MATTER

Matter by "change evolution" organized itself

Life came by chance by spontanaous generation.

"Evolutionary processes are natural" and still active today

Evolution took ages of time

By evolution out of chaos things are progressing toward perfection

All species of life evolved from one single-celled ancestor

Evolutionism is founded on faith in man's thought

--RPG Pubs., Singapore