Name: John D. Morris

Degree/School: Ph.D.; University of Oklahoma

ICR Title: Administrative Vice

President; Professor of Geology

Family: Wife: Dalta; Children: three

Born: December 7,1946; Minneapolis, Minnesota


Much of ICR's research is done out-

side the walls of its San Diego-area

facility. This is certainly the case with

the work conducted by Dr. John

Morris, whose field explorations at Mt.

Ararat, the Grand Canyon, Mount St.

Helens, the Paluxy River, and other

sites attest. In particular, Dr. Morris's

expeditions to Mt. Ararat in search of

Noah's Ark have given ICR wide inter-

national exposure. Much of Dr. Mor-

ris's research is now shared with

"Back to Genesis" audiences around

the country. He also teaches geology

in the ICR Graduate School.

Before coming to ICR on a full-time

basis in 1984, Dr. Morris served as an

Assistant Professor in Geological

Engineering at the University of Okla-

homa, where he had received his Ph.D.

in 1980. He had received his B.S. from

Virginia Tech in 1969.

Among his most recent books are

Noah's Ark and the Lost World, Sci-

ence, Scripture and the Young Earth,

coauthored with his father, ICR

President Dr. Henry M. Morris, and

the newly released children's book

entitled What Really Happened to the

Dinosaurs?, coauthored by Ken


Dr. Morris is also well known as a

debater, is a frequent guest on na-

tionwide television and radio pro-

grams, and is coeditor of Acts &

Facts and Days of Praise.