The Key of Knowledge

The word "science" occurs one time in the New Testament (1 Tim. 6:20)

in a King James Authorized Version ONLY; all other versions omit it.

If you are a "King James Onlyism heretic" you have access to a great

truth completely denied to those who fool with an ASV, RSV, NIV, NRSV,

NASV, NKJV, and the other trash. The word is not in the "Greek" (any

Greek text); in the Receptus text, the Majority text, or any other

Greek text. That is why Truman Dollar, Curtis Hutson, A. V.

Henderson, James Price, and Elmer Towns omitted it from the NKJV. We

have the Authorized Version so we have access to information the

"Greekites" don't have.

"Science" is the great alibi used for justifying the religion of the

Communist Party which, as everyone knows, is (and was) EVOLUTION.

Marx and Darwin were (and are) birds of a feather. Both were (and

are) complete and total failures. Neither of their religions was

actually "scientific." Neither man was a scientist, and those stupid

enough to follow them--China, Russia, Cuba, the NEA, NAACP, CBS, NBC,

ABC, ACLU, Time, Life, National Geographic, etc.--created just what

they desired: anarchy, confusion, and dumbbells.

Evolution, of course, is a religion; it is man deifying NATURE and

then adoring himself as the highest accidental creation of nature.

All evolutionists are religious fanatics. They are intolerant bigots

of the most narrow-minded sort and they will not stand for any

conflicting religions that would contradict the divine fiats of their

sacred cows (spontaneous generation, natural selection, accidental

formation of amino acids and proteins, etc.). Their religion is based

mainly on emotional panic. They adopted the religion because the only

alternative to it would cause a revolution and completely destroy

Socialism and the public school system. It was not always this way;

it only got this way after the Monkey Trial in Dayton, Tennessee. For

two hundred years (1720-1920) Bible and prayer were part and parcel of

every classroom of every public school in the United States. The

founding fathers were dispossessed by a "pluralistic society" turned

loosed on them in 1865, and augmented by FDR in 1933, and completed by

M.L. King Jr. in 1964. You can no longer offend atheists, perverts,

muggers, rapists, abortionists, agnostics, and other jungle bunnies

who have fallen in love with the religion of animals: evolution--a

non-moral (AMORAL) religion that will allow the animal the liberty of

any "life style" that lines up with his "values" (i.e., sex

perversion, cocaine, abortion, crack, rape, etc.) that he enjoys.

Evolution is a religion for jungle degenerates who believe that

toleration of sin is a sign of REGENERATION, or progress. It is a

hand-made fairy tale for grown-ups and has about as much real evidence

behind it as Karl Marx's theories or the political philosophies of the

Democratic senators.

There is no "scientific evidence" for evolution. There is no evidence

for any kind of evolution involving ANYTHING. The "time charts" used

by all evolutionists are constructed on the grounds that

DISINTEGRATION (radioactive elements, and DECAY (organic material),

and DEGENERATION (magnetic fields, heat, etc.) take place as time

progresses. After dating their little Disneyworld charts from these

"scientific" laws, they pretend that everything progressed, and

developed, and increased in complexity as the degeneration, decay, and

disintegration took place.

No one but a mad man would subscribe to such logic.

No training of ANY kind is necessary to see the stupidity in such

"logic." The idea that anyone would have to be a "trained scientist"

to debunk such a farce is as stupid as the religion itself. Nothing

can get continually better if you measure its present condition by how

it deteriorated since it started. You don't have to have a fifth

grade education to see that.

But since this basic religious dogma has to be carried out to any

length, no matter how irrational it is (and it is completely

"bananas"), we should not be surprised to find that it is the

evolutionists who have held back "science" since the days of Darwin.

The greatest hindrance to scientific achievement on this earth are the

college professors and physicists who insist on squeezing all new

information into the lunatic Darwinian system when the BASIS on which

the system was constructed was hallucinatory. If scientists had

believed Gregor Mendel in 1880 they would have been into "genetic

engineering" in 1890. As it was, they did not get into it until after

World War II. Why? Because the stupid idiots couldn't accept Mendel.

Mendel's laws overthrew the entire Darwinian system showing that no

species were even REMOTELY connected, not even by mutations.

Emotional panic. All of the monkey men pushed him under the table

(1870-1950) and then pretended that he had found out nothing to

disturb their worship services. By doing so, they stopped scientific

investigation for nearly seventy years. They are doing the same thing

right now with interplanetary "probes."

The theory of evolution is not even a theory; it is a pagan myth used

by religious fanatics to stop scientific research.

Illustration: It was declared that you judged the past by the

present. Once this was decided, scientific evidence was produced to

prove that you could not. It was ignored. It was then decided that

you could judge the age of rock strata by fossils found in them. When

scientific evidence was produced to prove that you could not, it was

ignored. It was then decided that the strata had shifted to mess up

the fossil record. When scientific evidence was produced that proved

the masses of strata could NOT have been shifted, they pretended they

shifted anyway. It was then decided that vestigial organs had no

function but were merely animal leftovers. When scientific evidence

was produced to show that they had functions and were not left over,

the fairy tale fairy godmothers waved their magic wands and pretended

it was so anyway. After claiming that man was only 1,000,000 years

old, Leakey produced evidence that he was 5,000,000 years old, and

then photos showed up with a man's footprint mashing a TRILOBITE: the

Trilobites died out in 400,000,000 B.C. according to all of the

Disney World charts used as a "bible" by the religious fanatics.

At every state of the game, for one hundred years, the monkey men

clung to their pagan religious myths and superstitions because they

were in an emotional PANIC at the thought of a living Creator who

would hold them accountable for their lying. Finally, after rejecting

scientific evidence against reptiles becoming birds, lemurs and

tarsiers becoming men, whales coming up on land and going back into

the water, feathers growing from scales, horses getting bigger while

dinosaurs went back to chickens, and God knows what, they took up

where Mendel stopped them in 1880 and went back to the genetic chain

to try to produce life and "accidently" MIX SPECIES: knowing that it

hadn't happened one time accidently since life showed up on earth.

They acquiesced to biochemistry for "the answer," while still clinging

to the fairy tale that biochemistry operated according to the laws

they had clung to, which had all been disproved.

Only one thing could happen from such a blind, stupid procedure.

Scientific advancement was stopped again. When they were shown by the

laws of thermodynamics that the chances of a string of amino acids

forming accidently was one out of ten to the 1300th power, they took

their chances in an absolute, blind religious faith (without "works").

They said it could happen. They then went to work in the lab to prove

it, and when Oparin and Miller were shown to be perfect LIARS (by

pretending they had created "life" in a lab) they whined that

"racemates" (L and D carbon molecules) not only came about accidently,

but all of the dextrarotary molecules wound up in nucleic acids while

all of the laevorotary molecules wound up in amino acids by "natural

selection." Natural selection was a Darwinian "law" that was proved to

be a JOKE before 1900. When accosted with amino acids accidently

forming into "polypeptide chains" and then combining intelligently

with sugars, enzymes, etc., by accident, they claimed biological

predestination: the inorganic elements were possessed with

intelligences that overruled "chance."

That is the modern neo-Darwinian position. It is the position of a

religious nut. The chances of a viable protein being formed out of

the chains and then combining with other proteins to produce a living

ANIMAL are one out of ten to the 46,000th power. There are not that

many electrons in one hundred universes TWICE the size of the known


That is the "science" being taught to your children in middle school

and high school.

They are being taught that such chances are logical and rational.

They are being taught that, not because science is even loosely

connected with the operation for it is not even a theory, but

hallucinated insanity for the alternative is even worse. The

alternative is to believe in God and then face the issue of Jesus

Christ being "God manifest in the flesh," the Creator of "heaven and

earth," and all things in them (Col. 1, John 1).

One can see why the educators are evolutionists. They are in an

emotional panic. They are mentally and emotionally incapable of

research or scientific investigation of any kind. They must cling to

their jungle theology, their pagan religious hallucination which is as

anti-intellectual as a madhouse. No man with any degree of intellect

would base his beliefs in human nature on an accident whose chances of

occurring are one out of ten to the 46,000th power. No professional

gambler on this earth would bet any amount of money on odds greater

than 500,000 to one. Only an "evolutionist" will do it. He calls it

a "theory." It is not even a reasonable guess. There is no "theory of

evolution" being taught in any school. Evolution, from Darwin to

Schwindewolf, from Huxley to Oparin, from Marx to Miller, is an

irrational RELIGION for unholy rollers.

All scientific evidence points in ONE direction and one direction

only, and there has never been ANY scientific evidence produced by any

monkey man from Strata Smith and Haeckel to Einstein and the ACLU that

points to any kind of "evolution" of man, beast, plant, tree,

mountain, plain, sea, lake, bush, star, sun, planet, gas, chemical, or

beach on this earth. Evolution is a fairy tale for self-righteous

people who like to justify their sins. It wasn't anything different

in 400 B.C. when the Greeks swore by it, and it isn't any different

now. Evolution is for immoral college professors who want to shack up

with their students; it is for young people who want to justify sex

perversion and fornication; it is for technicians who want people to

think they are intellectual and it is for Socialistic and Communist

politicians who want to integrate the masses to control them. It is

not a scientific theory. It is not even a rational theory. It is a

religion that comes from "stress" and "nervous tension." Its main

characteristic is that it incapacitates its devotee from finding out

anything about reality. Scientific progress is impossible where

evolution is believed or espoused. It is the mark of the irrational,

non-intellectual daydreamer. Mendel gave them the facts before the

Franco-Prussian war (1870). All modern biochemistry proves he was

correct. Darwin, Hitler, Castro, Huxley, Haeckel, Marx, National

Geographic, Time, Life, Look, and the National Educational Association

were wrong and they were not merely wrong in scientific theories:

they never had a "scientific theory." Evolution is non-scientific


Evolution removes the "key of knowledge" from every middle school,

high school, college, university, and bio lab on earth. It is not a

key; it is the religious conviction of a genuine fanatic who flies in

the face of computerized mathematics and statistical probabilities and

absolutely defies anything intellectual or rational. You cannot open

any door to knowledge with this "key" for it is not related even

indirectly to truth, data, fact, research, experience, evidence,

experiments, mankind, nature, the universe, or observation. It is

faith without works.