Six Literal Days Of Creation

The concept of theistic evolution does violence
to the Scriptures since its acceptance casts doubt on the
reliability of the Bible to relate honestly.
Genesis says ALL life was created after its own kind. This
conflicts with evolution, which says some kinds changed to
other kinds. If the six days of creation are not six literal
days then how did the plants created on the third day survive
until the sun was created on the fourth day and the insects
were created on the sixth day? Plants can not survive without
sun light or insects to help them pollinate and reproduce

We cannot be dealing with long eras here but
six literal, 24 hour days. Twenty-four hours is qualified by the
repeated use of the phrase "and the evening and the morning were the
_____ day." Everywhere in the Pentateuch the word 'day' (yom) when
used (as here in Genesis 1, 2) with a definite article or
numerical adjective means a solar day, or a normal 24 hour day. 

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