TWO CREATIONS IN THE BIBLE? So, which one is right?
They're both right, but they are not speaking of two different Creations. I
mean, ya know, the Lord was really pooped (after all that work of creation)
and "rested." Ken, why would He go through all that again? :)) Besides, as
you're attempting to point out, He'd lose all His credibility evolutionist
would really jump all over Him.

Interesting though, if the Bible was
written, as some say for "self-interest" why would they make such an
apparent contradiction, and right in the beginning??!! You'd think they
would have caught and edited it. :))

Genesis 1 tells of the creation of the whole universe, including man and
woman; while Genesis 2 specifically describes the origin of man and woman
without repeating the story of the creation recorded in Gen.1. Thus Gen. 2
says nothing of the creation of light, of the separation of the waters, or
of the formation of sun, moon, and stars. Nor does it actually describe the
creation of vegetation or of animals.

Gen. 2 is sometimes erroneoulsy interpreted as descibing the creation of
vegetation, BUT it only mentions the planting of a particular garden. Verse
19, often misinterpreted as another description of the creation of animals
coming after rather than before Adam.

To think that the planting of the
garden descibed in v. 8 was not done until after man had been formed, as
stated in v.7, is really absurd. In both cases (the "planting" of the
garden and the "forming" of the animals) the Hebrew verb could be more
correctly translated by the English "had planted" and "had formed."
Nope, only one Creation and one Creator. "In the beginning God...."

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