These Bible stories are just the Scripture passages without any personal

commentary. The Bible speaks for itself.

Database Of Children's Bible Stories.

The Creation Of The Universe

The Tree That Changed The World.

The Voyage Of The Big Boat.

The Parade Of Animals.

God Promises Abraham A Son.

The Mother Who Laughed For Joy.

The Mocking Brother.

The Test Of A Father.

Sold For A Bowl Of Soup.

The Beautiful Coat That Caused Trouble.

The Lie Of A Woman Sends A Man To Jail.

The Butler And Baker.

Joseph Becomes Ruler.

Baby In A Basket On The Water.

Water From The Rock.

The Healing Of Snake Bites.

Saved By A Red Rope.

The Walls Of Jericho.

God Calls A General.

An Altar Unto God.

Gideon's Fleece.

God's Little Army.

The Barley Bread Dream.

The Army Of Trumpets And Lamps.

The Announcement Of Samson's Birth.

Samson's Riddle.

Samson Does Battle.

Samson Destroys The Gates.

Samson's Final Victory.

Hannah's Prayer For A Son.

The Boy Who Heard God.

Israel's First King.

Shepherd Boy Becomes King.

The Giant Killer.

Close Friends.

The Lame Prince.

Caught By A Tree.

A Prophet Fed By Birds.

Fed With An Empty Barrel

Chariot Of Fire.

The Parting River.

The Oil Which Paid The Debt.

The Water Made Pure.

The Prophet Promises A Birth.

The Boy Who Sneezed Seven Times.

Seven Ducks In Muddy Water.

The Floating Axe Head.

The Boy Crowned King.

A Battle Won By A Singing Choir.

An Eating And Drinking Contest.

Standing In The Fire.

A Man Lions Could Not Eat.

The Fish That Caught A Man.

The Guiding Star.

The Woman Who Prayed With Her Finger.

Five Lights Gone Out.

The Lost Boy Found In The Church.

The Good Samaritan.

Invited To Supper.

Nine Men Who Forgot To Say Thank You.

The Lost Sheep.

The Lost Coin.

The Lost Son.

Man Wanted.

A Little Lunch Goes A Long Ways.

A Bath Brings Sight.

The Song That Opened A Door.

Shaking Off Snakes.

Full Of Fish.

153 Fish.

Window Of Opportunity.

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